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Ruskin Square, Croydon

Since the beginning of April 2015 we have commenced the Installation of 17 Mastclimbers on a challenging site. As site is right next to Croydon train station extra precautions and extreme care have been taken to ensure safety at all times We have one member of our team on site full time carrying out daily Pre-start inspections, servicing, alterations to the working decks, all stage climbs of mast and thorough examinations of the climbers as the building grows. As we have someone on site full time any breakdowns are repaired rapidly which ensures minimal downtime for site.


We have now also carried out the initial installation of a twin hoist on site.

Thorn court, Salford, Manchester

Installation of a 12/30 passenger hoist above a public walkway.


This Project was extremely challenging due to the limited space available on site. With the assistance of a Mobile crane the hoist was positioned above a public walkway on a specially designed scaffold platform – the hoist had to be placed exactly in the right position on the platform. Once positioned the installation was carried out using the hoists self erection crane (Manual install) to a total height of 74 m. Including the fitment of 22 landing gates, hoistway protection panels and a thorough examination this installation from start to finish only took a total of 7 days!